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Canopy Handle with Central Locking

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Canopy Handle with Central Locking

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Canopy Handle with Central Locking

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Central locking Canopy Door Handle

Check gap between holes in the glass (as per picture 62mm)

Check thickness of glass + inside cover is 6mm or less, or inside cover will have to be removed where handle is mounted & glass thickness must be less than 6mm.

If the thickness of your glass is more than 6mm or hole distance is not 62mm this handle will not suit your canopy window.

Installation Guide

1. Remove small handle (inside handle)

2. Remove nut holding assembly together (Nut 10mm)

3.Make note of the spring & rod holder assembly orientation, as this has to reinstalled in the same orentation

4. Remove bolt from handle shaft and remove rod holding assembly and spring (Bolt head 10mm)

5. Remove large nut holding handle assembly together and separate (Nut 31mm)

6. Maximum thickness of glass 6mm

7. Install outer handle onto window and then install inside assembly and install 8mm nut and washers to hold assembly together.

8. Re install large nut on handle shaft, then re install spring and rod holding assembly in the same orentation, making sure spring keeps outer handle in the closed position

9. Re install bolt holding the rod assembly to the handle

10. Reinstall locking rods and then re install the inside cover & handle.

11. Connect locking actuator to the vehicle central locking. Or connect a seperate remote control (not supplied with handle) Available in our shop search rcu. It is recommended that an auto electrician connect the locking actuator to the central locking of the vehicle.

12. Handle must be in the lock position with the key, then use the central lock to unlock and lock the handle, to use the key to lock and unlock the locking actuator must be in the locked position. (Key does not lock or unlock with locking actuator in the open position)

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Canopy Handle Installation Guide

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Twin Pack Handles No

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