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The idea for this locking system was born from the need to simply lock all windows on my canopy, as a tradesman with all my tools in the rear of my ute it was a risk not to lock all the canopy windows even when going to the shop for a couple of minutes, but locking the 6 individual locks with a key which at times didn`t want to fit into the lock was just too hard.

Now all I have to do is push a button and all windows are secured, whether the handles on the windows are in the closed or open position. I have two remote controls on my key ring, one for the car doors and one for the canopy and I have also installed a switch on the dash next to the central lock switch for the car doors.

I found that sometimes when I was at a jobsite I needed the canopy open but the car doors locked, hence the two remotes on my key ring.

However, due to demand I am now making different combinations of the kit for each type of canopy. Combinations for 1,2 or 3 windows, with or without a remote control and all kits come with protection brackets.

The locking kit can be connected to the central locking of the vehicle, this is done by using 2 relays, 1 for lock and 1 for unlock. (these relays are not included in the kit and have to be supplied by the installer) It is recommended that an auto electrician install this option.

The locking kits are canopy specific not the vehicle specific

I am now manufacturing and selling this locking system in a kit form with all mounting accessories, controls and locks for either professional installation or DIY. The installer will have to supply some cable, connectors and cable protection, I have written some installation instructions on a separate page on this website. I have also made protection brackets which will help protect the lock actuators being damage by cargo moving around in the rear of the ute and these are included as part of the kit.

If you wish to purchase a locking system please visit the online shop and select the kit you require, if the type of canopy you have is not shown please contact us as we are always looking at adapting the system to other canopies.

If you are a business and wish to purchase multiple kits please use the contact us page or phone on 1300 980 307