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Guarantee and Waiver

Canopy Locking Systems guarantees the goods supplied are in new condition and in working order free from defects for the period of 12 (twelve) months from the invoice date of purchase. Any misuse either by accident or intentional will void all warranty. By purchasing the locking system from Canopy Locking Systems the purchaser hereby acknowledges that the locking system will secure the opening out windows of the canopy , however if maximum security is required then all locks provided by the manufacturer of the canopy should also be locked. Canopy Locking Systems will not be liable for any goods lost or stolen from inside the canopy where a Canopy Locking System is installed. If any part of the Canopy Locking Systems parts are found to be defective which makes the locking system unable to be used for the intended purpose then please refer to our refunds and returns policy.